What Rapping Means to Me?

Rapping is a Reflection of My Soul

I’ve been searching for my spot on earth. It’s like going for an adventure and looking for the most daring places to go. This career will not give you itineraries in an Amsterdam city trip. There is no plan whatsoever. You’ll just find yourself in the “zone” creating the music the reflects your soul. My career sums up my wholeness. When I’m internally well, it reflects in my music. And when I’m broken in the inside, my music exudes sadness that will often leave my fans wondering. It’s the beauty of rapping I fell in love with.


Communicating Your Inner Thoughts

We know those raps that are timeless. What makes them timeless is the genuine intention of the writer. He wants his audience to grasp his inner thoughts. You see, rapping is more than just getting up on stage to hype people. As rappers, we want to communicate and dig some thought-provoking emotions. I might not be as good as other bloggers in terms of writing to build a website, but I’m relentless when I’m on stage. It’s the inner fire that keeps me going. It’s my deepest desire to communicate my inner thoughts.



My Songs are The Story of My Life

My life is an open book. Most of my loyal fans know that I didn’t have a good childhood. My mother was sick all the time, and my father was nowhere to found. He was probably drinking somewhere. As a child, all I saw were two people who have given up on life. I remember asking myself if I would end up like them. But life has a peculiar way of bringing good people at Amsterdam top sightseeing. I met my friend who introduced me to rapping. I slowly believed that I am meant for something rather than failing at life. For some, rapping is just a mere genre of music. But for me, it is a safe haven. My songs are written based on what I feel. If you want to get to know really well, we don’t even have to talk, you just have to listen to my songs.