Facing Your Nemesis

No life is perfect or easy. If it was easy, all people in the world will find happiness. But life is complex even for rappers who are making money. I found myself facing my nemesis time and time again. I discovered some truth about myself.


Grips of Addiction

It’s true what they say. Your rapping career will be filled with temptations that will challenge you as a person. I can say that I’m fragile when it comes to these temptations. I used illegal substances simply because I felt empty inside. There was a point in my life where nothing makes me happy anymore. No gadgets I would like to save money on electronics. I was in rehab for a couple of months that made me rethink my life.


Back to Being Broke

This is the reason why I told you to save for the future. Rapping industry will get you into thinking that you’ll have a permanent cash flow. The reality is nothing is forever. One day, you’ll have many website visitorsand then the next day, you have no one. I hate to be a pessimist, but it’s a reality of a rapper. I used to have tons of money in the bank then I started a bad habit that sucked my finances dry. I regret this so much, so I’m writing this to all young rappers out there. Don’t go through the same cycle as I did.


When Limelight Starts to Fade

Limelight is such a wonderful place to be in. You’ll feel like as if you’re invincible. Oh yes, the crowd loves you. But you have to remember that people are fickle-minded just like how people switch to online shops like lazada and zalora. During those glorious days, people would line up just to see me. Now, I had to start all over again. It’s hard to fill the whole club, but before, I could fill up the whole arena. You see, this the reality. Don’t expect that you’ll have the same fame after years go by. Somehow, you’ll have to face the nemesis of being no one again.